Blessings for Your Hips Pre-recorded Workshop

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$25.00 Blessings for your Hips Pre-Recorded Workshop

Take advantage of Marisa's knowledge to release your muscles and help open your hips. During this pre-recorded workshop you will practice sequences that strengthen and open the muscles surrounding the hips, improve circulation, and clear out negative emotions that get stored in the body. Join us and create space for stability, flexibility and joy. 

You will need 2 blocks, a blanket, a yoga strap and 2 tennis (or myofacial release) balls for this workshop.

Marisa Martucci

Marisa is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher who holds her 500 hour Yoga Certification from Tranquil Space Yoga, Washington DC.  Marisa started her yoga path back in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2003. When she came to the States, she expanded her yoga certifications to children and children with special needs. 

Marisa enjoys diversity, small steps and the combination of different techniques to approach quality and wellness in life. She believes that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always found during the journey. Marisa can be described as a joyful, energetic and creative yoga teacher.

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