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Private Yoga or Meditation Instruction

Invest in your wellbeing with private yoga or meditation.  Access your inner strength, de-stress and balance through yoga poses, mindfulness and breathwork one on one with our experienced teachers. A NiMaSte private instructor will help you to know your own body, understand the mechanics of the poses, and help you modify the practice so you benefit.

Each session, whether livestream or in person, is tailored to your needs. For greater hip flexibility, you can have an entire class just focusing on the hips. Feeling stressed? Your instructor can guide you in a breathing practice or meditation. Want to set up a session with your favorite instructor? Fill out the form below today!

Marisa I wanted to thank you for the excellent individual class. Although I have been practicing yoga for a long time, I realized how important it was that you fix the positions of my body and adjust them to how they really should be, from breathing to postures. Very important. You helped me understand a lot more about yoga. It seems super important to me to have individualized classes, to really learn the positions and then continue with the regular classes. Thanks!!!!!

- Roxana B.

After a lapse of many years, I restarted private yoga lessons at NiMaSte Yoga a few months ago. In addition to allowing me to practice in a safe environment, private practice allows me to receive individual attention and enables my instructor, Nicole, to address any specific medical limitations or concerns, to focus on specific postures and form, and to provide immediate, on-going guidance during practice.  She carefully listens and focuses on difficulties in performing various poses and is very supportive in finding alternate ways to compensate and to slowly strengthen the body to achieve the goals of practice.  The best part is that the session is participatory with instruction provided at my speed and needs as opposed to my trying to keep up with the pace of others in a group class.  Nicole gladly answers my questions and is great in guiding me through my practice, providing me with immediate feedback to reinforce proper form to prevent pain. I feel that these sessions have been one of the best investments in the maintenance of my overall health.

- Carolyn H.

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