Heart Forward: Backbends

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$30.00 Heart Forward workshop

This heart-opening workshop will create space in the chest, shoulders, and neck as students release stuck points along the front side body. In this workshop, learn how to actively engage muscles of the back and explore creating space in the shoulders and hip flexors to create more freedom in your backbend practice. We will “lead with love” for self. 

Bria Charlei Baylor

Yoga found Bria by way of the Instagram explore page in 2012. Inspired by a yogi doing a challenging pose and with her athletic background, she assumed it would be easy. Bria soon realized that yoga required a mastery of body weight that she hadn’t been prepared for in her athletic training. Determined, she began practicing daily and followed well-known teachers online for a few years before she finally made it to group classes. Bria's yoga practice complimented her strenuous workout regimen and provided a peaceful component to combat her busy life and battle with depression and anxiety.

As her practice continued to grow, Bria wanted her community to experience the same joys, challenges and support that yoga provided her. Bria completed the 200-hour Jiivana (L.I.F.E.) Yoga® Teacher Training program in 2020 and now enjoys exploring the healing properties with her students to address physical, emotional and spiritual traumas. Students can expect a place of authenticity and empathy from her classes as she affirms and provides a safe space for each and every student she encounters.

In addition to being a yoga teacher, Bria is a writer, lifelong learner, dog mom and lover of art and expression. She relies heavily on her favorite Bible verse, Deuteronomy 31:6 to bring her to and through every situation.

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