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$30.00 Intro to Face Yoga drop in

Join Cecilia of Lumina Skin for an introduction to Facial Yoga. Each week you will learn new exercises and build on what you have learned the previous week. With our exclusive holistic method of Facial Yoga, you'll activate tone, sculpt, and release tension. It will revitalize your face, restoring mobility, symmetry, muscle tone, freshness, and luminosity to your skin. Our exclusive Facial Yoga sequence and structure work the strongest and most dominant muscles first, then delve into the deepest and most sensitive layers, thus obtaining amazing results.

Cecilia Galeano

Cecilia Galeano, founder of Lumina Skin, Holistic esthetician, and Facial Yoga Instructor.

She has been a beautician/esthetician for over 15 years, and I am fortunate to continue in this beautiful world of beauty. Since the arrival of COVID, I decided to change my path, following my instinct and philosophy of the most natural skincare, only using YOUR OWN TIME AND HANDS.

So now Cecilia is like one of those “2 in 1” creams as she has a medical and holistic background, helping her clients to find beauty from the inside out.

With her, you will learn face yoga exercises and lymphatic massages, and she'll help you to choose the correct skin care products to show off healthy, natural, and luminous skin. She has a spa studio in Rockville, MD, where you can receive facials, massages,  therapy, and more natural treatments. 

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