Reiki Level 2

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Sunday 6/27/2021 10:45 am - 4:45 pm
$250.00 Reiki Level 2

Reiki is a Japanese word and it means Universal Life Force Energy. Rei refers to the universal aspect, consciousness and Ki refers to the life force or energy flowing through all living beings.

Reiki is like many other techniques that promotes stress reduction, relaxation, good health and wellbeing.
Marisa Martucci is a licensed IARP Reiki Master (International Association of Reiki Professionals) on the Usui Reiki tradition since 2006.

In a Level 2 Reiki (6hr) Workshop you will learn:
• General reviewing of Reiki 1 Session
• Reiki II Symbols and how to use them in a session, long distance treatment, mental-emotional treatment and opening the intuition.
• Energetic cleansing Symbol
• Japanese Reiki Techniques for Level 2: Gassho Meditation with recitation of the Five Precepts, Usui Byosen, Jacki-Kiri-Joka-Ho method, Koki-Ho method and Gyoshi-Ho method
• Level Two Attunement from a Licensed Usui Reiki Master
• Upon completion you will be given an official Level Two IARP Reiki Certificate student diploma and Reiki Level Two Manual

Prerequisite: Reiki Level 1

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