Summer Glow: Face Yoga and Body Workshop

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$40.00 Face Yoga and Body workshop

Warm summer days beckon us to embrace nature's bounty and nurture our inner and outer beauty. Join us for an enriching Face Yoga and Body Workshop, where the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) meets the rejuvenating practice of face yoga. This unique blend is designed to promote balance, vitality, and a radiant complexion.

Our workshop is a haven for those keen to merge age-old wisdom with natural beauty techniques, charting a course toward holistic wellness that shines from within.

Let's connect face and body and feel the magic of YOGA.

Virtual & In-Person Participation: Whether you're joining us from the comfort of your home or in our welcoming studio, experience the full benefits of this transformative workshop.

Marisa Martucci

Marisa is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher who holds her 500 hour Yoga Certification from Tranquil Space Yoga, Washington DC.  Marisa started her yoga path back in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2003. When she came to the States, she expanded her yoga certifications to children and children with special needs. 

Marisa enjoys diversity, small steps and the combination of different techniques to approach quality and wellness in life. She believes that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always found during the journey. Marisa can be described as a joyful, energetic and creative yoga teacher.

Cecilia Galeano

Cecilia Galeano, founder of Lumina Skin, Holistic esthetician, and Facial Yoga Instructor.

She has been a beautician/esthetician for over 15 years, and I am fortunate to continue in this beautiful world of beauty. Since the arrival of COVID, I decided to change my path, following my instinct and philosophy of the most natural skincare, only using YOUR OWN TIME AND HANDS.

So now Cecilia is like one of those “2 in 1” creams as she has a medical and holistic background, helping her clients to find beauty from the inside out.

With her, you will learn face yoga exercises and lymphatic massages, and she'll help you to choose the correct skin care products to show off healthy, natural, and luminous skin. She has a spa studio in Rockville, MD, where you can receive facials, massages,  therapy, and more natural treatments. 

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