Teacher Training Weekend 2: Standing and Balancing/Anatomy of Legs and Pelvis

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$300.00 Teacher Training Weekend Module

This workshop is for Yoga Alliance registered yoga teachers who are looking for continuing education (RYT CE) hours. One weekend module is 17 hours. If you wish to register for the full teacher training and receive your 200 hour certification, then register here instead. Each teacher training weekend module meets:

Fridays 6:00-9:30pm (3.5 hours)

Saturday 12:00-7 pm (7 hours)

Sundays 12:00-6:30 pm (6.5 hours)


Weekend 1: 10/1-10/3

Centering, Warm Ups and Taking your Seat

Weekend 2: 10/15-10/17

Standing and Balancing/Anatomy of Leg and Pelvis

Weekend 3: 10/29-10/31

Forward Bends, Backbends and Twists; Anatomy of the Spine

Weekend 4: 11/5-11/7

Inversions, Arm balances, Finishing Poses (seated) and Savasana; Anatomy of the Upper Body, Arms and Shoulders

Weekend 5: 11/19-11/21

Transitions and Sequencing, Bandhas, Anatomy of the “Core”

Weekend 6: 12/10-12/12

Cueing, Assisting, Modifications and Props

Weekend 7: 12/17-12/19

Restorative and Yin; Anatomy of Connective Tissues

Weekend 8: 1/7-1/9

Specialty Yoga: Prenatal, Gentle Yoga (Seniors, Chair, Special Conditions)

Weekend 9: 1/21-1/23

Teaching for Anatomy, Subtle Body (Nadis, Chakras, Ayurveda, Doshas)

Weekend 10: 2/4-2/6

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle, Yamas and Niyamas, Yoga Sutras

Weekend 11: 2/18-2/20

Ethics of teaching yoga; Business of yoga

Weekend 12: 3/4-3/6

Final Teaching

Marisa Martucci

Marisa is an Usui Reiki Master Teacher who holds her 500 hour Yoga Certification from Tranquil Space Yoga, Washington DC.  Marisa started her yoga path back in her hometown of Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2003. When she came to the States, she expanded her yoga certifications to children and children with special needs. 

Marisa enjoys diversity, small steps and the combination of different techniques to approach quality and wellness in life. She believes that everything happens for a reason, and the reason is always found during the journey. Marisa can be described as a joyful, energetic and creative yoga teacher.

Nicole Van Houten

Nicole received her 500 hour certification from Yoga Works, Baltimore, her 200 hour certification from Tranquil Space in Washington, DC, and her Budding Yogis Teaching Yoga to Kids certification from Circle Yoga. She has been trained in Prenatal and Post Natal yoga. She was first drawn to vinyasa yoga in 2000 for its flowing dance-­like sequences that can become a moving meditation. Her history as a student of dance also informs her respect for alignment within the flow.

She infuses her classes with energizing and creative sequences that challenge and nurture those in her class to tune into their own bodies, breath and minds for wisdom, strength and wonder. Off the mat, Nicole gets lessons on how to be mindful and present from her two daughters.

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