Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health Pre-recorded Workshop

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Wednesday 06/19/2024 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
$25.00 Pre-recorded Pelvic Floor workshop

In this pre-recorded workshop, you will learn how breathing and movement can strengthen, stabilize, stretch, and soften the pelvic floor, which in turn strengthens deep core muscles. Justyna will lead a series of asanas that are beneficial to maintaining good pelvic health. In addition to being a Yoga Instructor, Justyna is a certified Postpartum Doula whose passion for helping women heal during the postpartum period led her to discover how little attention is paid to this area of our body and how connecting with these muscles can help improve our overall health.

Justyna Sadlowska

Justyna received her 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Certification from NiMaSte in 2020. A native of Poland and with no yoga studios in her hometown, she first practiced and learned about yoga through books, re-creating asanas by imitating yogis from the photos. Justyna received her Master’s Degree in Philosophy yet was surprised how little Eastern Philosophy was mentioned during the many years at the University. Upon arriving in the USA in 2007, she was thrilled at the various opportunities to practice yoga and became an avid practitioner studying with different teachers in many studios in the DC area. 

Justyna’s slow and gentle classes allow for full immersion in movement guided by the breath. She has experience in dance and brings fluidity, stillness and imagination to her classes. She encourages curiosity, patience and persistence and offers a safe welcoming space to all. Justyna has passion for healing practices and searches across many disciplines and spiritual traditions to bring her students a nonjudgmental environment that allows for self-healing and growth and improves mental and physical health.

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